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2 Timothy 2:15 Scholarship 

We are excited and blessed to offer you the opportunity to get a scholarship for $300 – $1000 off of your degree program. To qualify you must meet the following requirements.

  • You must have submitted an Application for Admission
  • You must complete the form below
  • You must be available for a :30min interview
  • You must provide 1 ministry leader or colleague reference who will “speak” on your behalf.
  • You must register in the next academic session

Scholarship Application (You must complete the Application for Admissions first and choose a degree program)


Recipients will be notified of your reward on or before the 10th of the month.

Best Blessings to you!



Q:     How many times can I receive a scholarship on a single degree program?

A:     You can only receive one scholarship per degree program.

Q:     If I did not receive a scholarship previously, can I reapply?

A:     Yes you can reapply.

Q:     What if I have not submitted my application?

A:     You are not eligible

Q:     Does the scholarship require credit worthiness?

A:     No, it does not. It requires calling,  ministry service and the ability to communicate well  through the scholarship application process.